Chakra 1 Oil

Chakra 1 Oil

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Chakra 1 oil ~ life force

Patchouli essential oil blend infused with hematite. Inspires a positive outlook on life, abundance, grounding and prosperity.

Each chakra oil is created intuitively using specific essential oils & crystals that resonate with each chakra. Golden earth chakra oils are an easy, effective way to restore natural balance to your body, mind & spirit. They smell beautiful and you will love the positive affect on your life!

Location on the body, the organs and glands affected by chakra 1

This chakra is known as the base or root chakra, it is located at the base of the spine just below the tailbone. It relates to large intestine, rectum, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Spiritual characteristics

Connection to the earth and nature, our life purpose, manifestation and survival.

Chakra in balance

Passionate, connected to nature, abundant and happy.

Chakra out of balance

Negative attitude, fearful, unable to focus, financial instability, ungrounded and disconnected.

Apply often to your pulse points to create wellness, balance and positive energy in your life. Rub your favorite chakra oils on the bottom of your feet before you go to sleep. Its so relaxing!


Organic golden jojoba, Patchouli essential oil blend, Hematite crystal infusion.

Patchouli is a wonderful essential oil for grounding, meditation and relaxation. It harmonizes the earth element, helps quiet the mind and inspires sensuality. It brings you into the body in present time. Hematite is a stone used for inner peace and happiness. It is known to align body, mind and spirit. It is grounding, meditative and attracts loving relationships.

Available sizes

  • Roll-on 3.5 ml

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