Chakra 5 Oil

Chakra 5 Oil

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Chakra 5 oil ~ expression

Chamomile and cypress essential oil blend infused with turquoise. Inspires a wellness vibration for expression, speaking and hearing truth turquoise crystal infusion ~ used to help with communication of emotional issues. A good heart connection stone with a protective energy that encourages honest communication and its a stone of love.

Each chakra oil is created intuitively using specific essential oils & crystals that resonate with each chakra. Golden earth chakra oils are an easy, effective way to restore natural balance to your body, mind & spirit. They smell beautiful and you will love the positive affect on your life!

Location on the body, the organs and glands affected by each chakra

Chakra 5 is located in the cleft of the throat and related to the lungs, throat and thyroid.

Spiritual characteristics

Communication, self expression, hearing and speaking truth.

Chakra in balance

Effortless self expression and listening.

Chakra out of balance

Critical of others, judgmental, unable to express ourselves, insincere, dishonest, talking to much.

Apply often to your pulse points to create wellness, balance and positive energy in your life. Rub your favorite chakra oils on the bottom of your feet before you go to sleep. Its so relaxing!


Organic golden jojoba, chamomile and cypress essential oil blend, turquoise crystal infusion.

Chamomile is very gentle and can be used for children and babies. Cypress helps us accept positive change and supports the flow of life. Turquoise helps with communication of emotional issues. It is a protective stone that encourages honest communication.

Available sizes

  • roll-on 3.5 ml

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