Love GemPod

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rose quartz – garnet – clear quartz

A highly practical replacement module for your ViA crystal water bottle to add variety to how you hydrate.

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If you already own a ViA bottle and would like to add some variety to your daily drinking routine, an additional GemPod is right for you if you’d like to save a little money and don’t want to invest in just another bottle.

All you need is…water. And when you add rose quartz, the quintessential stone of love, tenderness and sensuality, anything is possible. Fair and lovely rose quartz is a talisman for relationships and is used in crystal healing to release emotional wounds and traumas and to bring peace and calm. Fiery Garnet adds a wonderful component of sensuality and passion to this blend. Combined, they create a unique emotional dynamic – LOVE. For those who love water, this is the perfect gift. In order for the heart to beat, it needs water.

Crystal Virtues: Love, Harmony, Balance, Sensuality, Warmth, Sensitivity, Self-Acceptance, Protection, Security
Comes With: gempod
Dimensions & Weight: fits for all VitaJuwel ViA gemwater bottles
Material: borosilicate glass, gemstones, stainless steel, bpa-free plastic
Care: handwash