Chromo Therapy

Chromo therapy is the base of our existence. We could not survive without it. It has a profound effect on us on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

We are made up of vibration, sound and color. Chromo therapy provides color to the electromagnetic body, our energy field (Chakras and Auras), which in turn transfers energy to the physical body.

 The rainbow presents the light spectrum, which is present in our plant life and mineral life carrying the different frequencies to sustain the human body as well as the animal kingdom.

Light in the form of specific colors gives our food (Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs) their nourishing and nutritional values. We are light beings so it’s no wonder that our food is provided with the exact colors needed to sustain, support and optimize are invisible energy transportation system. I myself 100% believe in eating by color for optimum health. Our flowers also provide color and scents for healing.

Example: Rose oil provides the frequency and the color of the actual rose.  This is why we use flowers and herbs for healing with aromatherapy.

Color is a big part of what is used for balancing and toning the chakras and auras at JOY. Color is used at JOY while working with the light body. We use what is called a chromo therapy light bed, which uses the premise of Marc Vogel cut crystals to maximize the collection, amplification and transmission of the color. The color light passes through the crystals onto the client for maximum healing.  Aromatherapy is also used.

See below a chart of the Colors of the Chakra’s and the Auras.

Stay tuned for more about color.