Closing Out the Decade 2010 to 2020

So much has happened in the past 10 years.

For me it was several hard moves and an incredible amount of growth. I lived in New Mexico where I absolutely loved it and moved to L.A. with my son so he could study acting. That was a trip all unto itself. I loved California, it was a whole new tempo to say the least.

We stayed there for 4 years until he finished high school. He went off to college and I spent 1 more year in Malibu. HEAVEN!!!

It was the end of raising all of my three children. As parents, we all know what that is like. We have put all of our energy into developing the best human beings that we could. The days of laughs, heartache and tears getting them to this point. I know I would not have missed this for anything in the world. What an honor to be the caretaker of the most remarkable human beings. To be entrusted with this job from spirit. There is no greater gift that could have been bestowed to me.

It then becomes the time to take care of yourself and look at your personal life. This time period was a time of introspection. I could feel and sense that the world around me was changing. I knew it was a time of goodbye to a time period that was ending. In my world and the outside world. I would stand on my balcony, watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean, and savor those moments because I knew we were in for major changes. Part of what I knew was that we all had to tie up any loose ends that had been left undone and heal whatever wounds we were carrying. So with much trepidation and fear I went back to Miami to make peace with old wounds and family.It was so heavy for me that I relapsed for a short while.

I had been sober for a long time and let me tell you when they say that your disease progresses I can tell you first hand it does. I was a mess within months. I can say now being sober again I know I would never survive another relapse. It felt like I had an octopus’s tentacles around me crushing me and I felt I couldn’t get out. I was scared beyond words can describe. Anyhow, I got sober and all is well today. That was 10 years ago, I can hardly believe it. So my decade was filled with major growth and change.

2020 - I feel that I have matured in my thinking and in the ability to handle things. I don’t feel as threatened. I feel 2020 is going to be a huge growth year for all of us. As we are asked to put our priorities in order, big time! We are truly living in the now!
2019 - I saw a lot of people going through major shifts in their lives. We are faced with what we need to let go of, even when we don’t feel ready, and what it is we are called on to become.
I feel time speeding up again, much faster this time. It feels like we can hardly catch our breath.

It is so important to take time to get clear as often as possible (take a walk, meditate, go somewhere to be quiet for 15mins. etc...) Learn to take deep breaths and breath through stress and anxiety.

The Breath and Om - The Om Sound brings you back into your body and does a mini tune-up. The body is made of sound and it actually loves the sound of it’s own voice so to speak. We are energetic and electric beings so our bodies love sound. One should plug into it everyday, almost like plugging in an electric car.

Get grounded on a daily bases. Click Here to look at my morning ritual on YouTube, it helps. I am offering a free session to find your personal sounds. Put together your own personal toolbox when you get a Chakra Balancing Session so you can center at home.

Lastly, I think the most important question to ask ourselves in these times, when in any situation or with any given person is:
Is This Life Giving or Life Taking?

If it is life taking, remove yourself from it. If you can’t, it is important to set up boundaries or your energy will feel depleted. You can also energetically shield yourself as well.

Being a few days into 2020 I can feel a change. The frequency has up shifted. Time is moving much faster and seeming to have no boundaries. Our days just melt into each other. Time seems to have short clips that we shoot from a camera then the rest flows, almost like the background of a picture you are taking. It’s like we are going to have to piece the pictures together of our own movie.

I feel a brightness and a happiness that is trying to come through in the midst of total worldly and government chaos. These are changing times on all levels. So for us let’s focus on the brightness of the sunlight and continue on our personal journey as well as bringing light and compassion towards others.

We also need to be responsible for taking care of our planet as well. We can start by being aware of how much waste we create in a day and start by recycling and repurposing our paper and cutting our consumption of plastic materials (using glass instead). This is no longer a fad but a huge problem that we all have to be conscious about.

Sending you love and light,