How to Find Your Truth

Finding your truth starts with how you feel about something. What has meaning and brings warm feelings, peace and joy to you? This is part of your essence, of who you are, what makes you who you are, and what your constitution is made of. This is where you feel most comfortable with your self.  It has, “This is me” written all over it!

For me, the ocean is so much a part of my essence. Whenever I am in it’s presence, I am home. When we feel at home, we are able to truly reflect on who we are. What does the ocean bring out in me? My truth, my honesty and integrity.  My whole self emerges I am all things but mostly I am peace. I am a part of all that is peace. It is in this kind of space within one’s self, that we find our truth. To find true happiness this should never be compromised. If you have this you have everything.

It is what you know in your heart of hearts to be true for you. So you connect in through something like this and you pay attention to what it is giving you in feeling and knowing. This is your higher self or intuition locking in with source.

“Intuition is God’s imprint on the Soul”
– Jodi Hershey 


Here is a Work Sheet:

Always Qualify-Qualify- Qualify! Be Clear!

1. I am? ________________________________

2. I want to become more? ________________________________

3. I am becoming? ________________________________

4. My true calling is? ________________________________

5. I have decided to? ____________________________because I am worthy of it.

6. I am happiest when I am around: Type of people ______________________, places ________________________, and environments__________________________.

7. I am sensitive to? ________________________________

8. Because I had the experience of? ________________________________

9. I no longer want to carry? ________________________________

10. I have decided to let go of ________________________. This sensitivity no longer serves me. I have learned all I needed to from it. I am giving it back to the universe.     

11. I am free to be? ________________________________

It is all that I am.