Inner Sanctuary

Affirmations for Daily Living

Today - I will be the flower in the garden and will nurture it with great care, so I can grow.

I will steer away from the weeds that try and inhibit me.

I will live my personal truth with courage and integrity at all times.

Today I will use my intuition, remembering that it was given to me by my creator to guide me.

I will remember through surrender, I will find humility and through my humility I will find grace.

I will remember on a daily basis that I always have a choice. That Happiness is an inside job; I can choose whatever state I wish to be in.

I will remember that The Magic comes when one decides to take the leap of faith!

Today I will see things through the eyes of Love.

I will be the listener today and come from a heart of compassion.

I will move through my day today with Grace and Ease.

I will remind myself on a daily basis that I am worthy of all things.  Nobody can take my worth from me unless I allow it.

I will look for what I can contribute today, instead of what I might receive.

I will take a moment to pause and observe the beautiful world around me. I will do my part to preserve it.

I will remember – Less is more.

I will practice letting go of others’ comments or judgments and will not allow them to rent space in my head.

I will choose my thoughts and words with great care, as I am the creator of my own reality.

I will remember - If it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t go!
I won’t try and make it fit.

I will remember life is a gift - use it wisely.

Most of all I Am Grateful for every waking moment! I will remember to always carry this in my heart.