My Morning Ritual

I always give myself extra time in the morning so I don’t have to rush. That extra 30 minutes really helps.

1. As I am waking up - I sit in bed and do the Om Sound. This wakes up the body in a natural and happy way. The body loves to hear it’s own sound. I think of it sometimes as a whale call, it’s very nurturing and soothing.

    2. Then of course Morning Joe - or hot herbal tea.

    3. I go back to my sitting place get comfortable then read from one of my books.

        a. Books - Feeling Great or Inside Out by Dadi Janki.

            (If you want these books I can get them for you.

             Send a message through by clicking Here.)

  1.      b. I just open the book to a random page and start reading; it usually is just what I need to hear.

          c. Then I take some deep breaths and sit with that message for a while.

    4. It is important to ground ourselves into mother earth. This keeps us clear through out the day. So, I take my Earth Tuning Fork and strike it and put the point of fork on the top of the foot (can be the LV3 which is the acupuncture point between the big toe and second toe about ½” to 1” down towards the body. Do this as much as you feel you need to. Start with 2x’s on each foot until you get used to it. (See my YouTube video for the spot.)
    Always use your intuition and self-knowing to decide on what you need.

    5. Then use your Root Chakra Chime (Red chime or Note C) - Lightly tap the chime and play it from the feet up to the crown of the head. Pass the chimes by the ears no closer than shoulder distance.  Strike the chime as many times as you feel necessary. You can do a figure eight from the feet up across the stomach up around the head and back down. 

    6. Next do the same with the Solar Plexus Chime (Yellow chime or Note E). This is where we store our emotions so it is important to clear.

    If you feel you need another chakra chime to use - say you want to have an open heart (Chakra 4 or Sound F), or need to be able to speak (Chakra 5 or Sound G) - don’t hesitate to put in the chimes you want as well.

    7. Then pick up your Tibetan Bowl (Sound E) to open up to your intuition. As you strike the bowl really listen to the sound opening up your awareness.

    8. Use your Crown Tuning Fork next - As you sound the fork, ask the spirit to work with you today. To guide you in seeing all possibilities.

      9. Close with your Clearing Energy Spray (to clear any unwanted excess energy) and one of your Roll on Chakra Oils. One you feel you need or will uplift you for the day.

      10. Use an affirmation like:
      I’m going to have a good and positive day.

      Now you are ready to Rock and Roll!!!
      Have a Blessed Day.

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