Paradigms and Dimensions

A paradigm is a set of assumptions that define how we look at the world. An example of a paradigm is that we all thought that the world was flat and accepted this as true. Then, along comes Columbus and he discovers the world is round and not flat at all. This sent everyone up in arms, saying this is impossible and crazy. We succumbed and had to adjust to a new perspective. The new thought was the world was indeed round. We had to let go of the old belief of the world being flat.

A dimension encompasses entire realities that overlap each other. Dimensions are based on the frequency of vibration. The dimensions, also, get lighter in density as the frequency accelerates faster. The lower the frequency, the more dense the matter, the lower amount of cognitive understanding.

Here are some descriptions for the different dimensions:

1st Dimension - The Mineral Kingdom - The heaviest dimension.

2nd Second Dimension - The Plant Kingdom

3rd Dimension - The Animal Kingdom - The lower to mid-level intelligence of the Human Species. This thought process is about survival and is centered around the "I" self - eat, drink, sleep and provide for oneself. This is where the majority of the human race has resided. It is "Ego" based in time, space, direction and it represents:

Past, Present and Future

Karma (Cause and effect)

Separateness (Instead of Inclusiveness)

4th Dimension - We have now begun the shift of a higher frequency and vibration. This shift requires us to become more evolved, so that we may adjust and adapt to this forward movement. The fourth Dimension starts a REVOLUTION OF THOUGHT - a paradigm, which is how we look at the world and an EVOLUTION OF SPECIES. Some say this may actually be altering our human bodies anatomy and creating more strands of DNA to help us evolve.

This frequency shift is part of what we are feeling as in the example that time is going way too fast. And, the once clear lines between past, present, and future are diminishing. We are learning to "live in the now". What we once knew as real and true is changing by the day.

We are being shown that we are responsible for our actions and we are asked to take a look at our choices. We have to change our behavior from neglect and disregard for the earth and all of its inhabitances on it. We have become "greed" based and cavalier with an attitude of say-la-vie. This attitude, my friends, is no longer going to be. We are to correct this behavior in the Fourth Dimensional frequency or cease to exist.

Our beliefs are being challenged, so we can come into a new way of living and understanding. Remember, things have to break down, so we can rebuild a new healthy society. Until we start to change ourselves individually and collectively and start working towards a cooperative, global world, things will continue to deteriorate until we get it.

We determine how far we fall and how soon we start to pick everything up. We are all good at cooperative rebuilding, as we have seen this in crisis after crisis. The outpouring of compassion and our tenacity to help thy neighbor shows up in contribution every time. And, this very thing is what we are called to do NOW!

We will pretty much stay in the Fourth Dimension for a while as this is where we will have opened our minds to all working together for the common good of all living things. A new rebuilding will be taking place in every aspect of our society. In the Fourth Dimension, you learn about your true self and live it. We start to change our thought process from apathetic beliefs to positive possibilities, so as to create an outcome we are looking for.

We learn that we create our own Universe and we can change it anytime, so we must start to break down our belief systems because they are limiting and no longer serve our purpose. We become "open" to "new" thought. We go to and out of the box thinking and start working from our intuition so that we can create a sustainable world. Our thought process is no longer limited and we realize:

We Are Not In Kansas Anymore TOTO!

We Are In A Brave New World!!

When these changes have become second nature to us and we have made this a part of our reality, we are then able to experience the Fifth Dimension and up. The frequency shift here becomes fluid and we are able to go back and forth into the different levels of understanding. This all happens because we are keeping our perspectives open to new ideas and are firmly grounded in the energy of the Fourth Dimensional perspective of peace.

In the Fifth Dimension, we are able to experience and create manifestation and co-creation; however, you must first believe in the power of your thoughts that all things are possible. Our desires are clear and open to creating. So, you must believe undeniably in what you are creating. You are able to send out the intention in thought, word, and deed. It starts to manifest. We create our own experiences. You will, also, be able to watch it in motion without doing anything. Quite remarkable! This energy comes from a high frequency of Fifth Dimension and above. It is blended opaque energy of white haze that is very fast giving you an image of your thought and then through your interpretation of this picture an answer comes. I have had this experience a few times where I just desired something and I watched the process while the energy started manifesting. It was doing creating through my thoughts. I just sat and watched the show, so to speak. It's like a musical orchestration. It is magical. I can say, it can be almost like jumping into a picture like in the movie Mary Poppins. This happened coming out of being in a physical location that carried this frequency and being with a group of higher consciousness people. This was an incredible experience.

We are now being asked to be open in our perspective and to believe in things that we can't see. Why? Because we are asked to learn to count on our intuition. It's not just seeing is believing, it is, also, a gut level feeling and a knowing that you experience internally. We are asked to eliminate all judgments of others and start creating a global love and appreciation for all mankind.

In conclusion, it is our responsibility to make our individual changes. We are asked to expand our minds and our hearts, so we are an example to others. In my opinion, I believe that even though it may seem like dark times, it is up to us to make it brighter no matter what the challenges are. Let's hold the candle of light and kindle the next person's candle beside us and continue to pass this flame on until one day we have created a world of peace. All of this does not have to be a dream. Together and collectively, we can make this a reality.


You Fight Dark With Light and Fear With Love...

Jodi Hershey