What is Spirituality?

1. Spirituality is connecting your self with your understanding of God and the universe. It is not a religion, it is you discovering the sacred part of you that is connected to the bigger picture. Knowing that all is the same and one within itself.

2. It's being open to sense, feel and learn through your higher self which is the connection to all spiritual knowledge and universal truths. It is intuitive based. It's what feels right for you. It comes from within not from without.

3. Spirituality does not confine you to one belief system - it is open to all. It leaves you to explore and to form your own truth. It is open and flows.

4. It is a personal relationship between you and God or the universal source. Everyone gets a different answer that relates best to him or her. However universal truths are the same. Truth is truth, there is no arguing with it. (Like an apple is an apple.)

How do we begin this journey?

Through learning to be still and sitting in silence, you can connect to the universal source through prayer and meditation. This connection will guide you to your deepest truth. The more you practice, the more clarity you will get. This is where you will find the true meaning of love, grace, compassion, humility, gratitude, and more. You will be at peace with yourself, which gives you tremendous freedom!

The spiritual journey is - The Journey Of You!

"Many organized religions represent God as an external entity. Spirituality portrays God as an integral aspect of our humanity."

- Andrew Harvey