Tuning Fork & Chakra Crystal Grid Instrument Set for Sound Healing

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Jupiter biosonics tuning fork for healing paired with Ariana Ost crystal grid. Use the crystal grid as a sound healing instrument to unleash the powerful frequency of crystals.

Amplify the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration.

Attune your mind and body with our Sound Healing Crystal Kit.



Hold the tuning fork in one hand and the crystal grid in your other hand.

Gently tap the tuning fork to the crystal grid. 

Close your eyes and meditate on the sound and the feeling of the crystal in your hand. 

Let the sound waves move gently through all points of the body and energy field.

Let your creativity and intuition be your guide.

Tap the Jupiter Crystal Tuning Fork to bring the energy of abundance, good luck, good fortune. Tuned to 2937.28 cycles per second.