Ascension Stone Kit

Ascension Stone Kit

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Our Ascension Stone Kit Stones have high frequencies and can aid you in raising your vibration. 

Auralite: A calming stone. It is said to connect to the angelic realm. Breaks self-imposed limitations. Promotes free thinking and beliefs.

Azeztulite: Brings inner light- helps one reach alternative realities. Brings Joy and serenity. Used as a meditation tool. Helps release blockages so one is able to reach an expansion of awareness. 

Clear Quartz Pyramid: Clear Quartz is about spiritual growth. The pyramid as its point connects to the cosmos. The pyramid stays solid and grounded. It provides a foundation. It helps keep your mind open and clear. 


Prophecy Stone: grounds light energy into the Physical body. Gives guidance from higher realms. 


Aqua Aura Rose Quartz: While rose quartz provides loving energy, Aqua Aura Rose adds its own unique properties. It is a highly energetic stone that provides balance and emotional stability. 


How to Use your stones:

1. Find a quiet place to sit.
2. Burn some sage or use a sage spray to cleanse the area.
3. Take one of your stones and feel it in both of your hands.
4. Close your eyes and do some deep breathing.
5.  Ask for only the highest good to come through. 
6. Clear your head of any thoughts. You can use the OM Sound to do this.
7. Ask your stone to share its vibration and information with you.
8. This is shared with you through your intuition.
You will feel, sense and hear through your higher self.
9. When you feel the message has ended, thank the stone for sharing its presence with you.