Mystic Merlinite | Sphere

Mystic Merlinite | Sphere

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Crystal Spheres remind us that we are all a part of a greater whole, connected to all the beings and energies in our surroundings. You can sit with it, and envision that you are holding the whole world in the palm of your hands.

MYSTIC MERLINITE expansion, focus, emotional understanding 

PROPERTIES:: Having this stone in your presence will help soften your aura and replenish your vibratory field. This readjustment will further your understanding of yourself and how to access your unique characteristics. For example, with a clear and conscious chakra system, you can use Mystic Merlinite’s energies to better expand your mind and third eye. This awakening amulet is here to unlock our consciousness and remove it from the day-to-day concerns.  40-50mm Madagascar.