Sacral Energy Chime – Tone D + Aromatherapy Oil

Sacral Energy Chime – Tone D + Aromatherapy Oil

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The Sacral charka chime is tone D in 440 Hz. on an orange base block.

It can be placed approximately 2 cm below the navel. It balances emotional and sexual energy.

These Chakra Chimes are individually hand-crafted energy chime bars. Tuned to the Pythagorean tuning system of A432 Hz. in the scale of C major.

The corresponding aroma therapy chakra oil is included. These oils bring you into a deeper state of meditation and relaxation. These oils are from India and have an incredible frequency.

Place a drop of oil directly on the chakra area and or simply breathe in a few times. All Organic!

Natural Essential Oil Ingredients:

Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Ginger and Fennel Seed in a suitable base oil.


  1. Take a few breaths in and relax.
  2. Apply chakra oil to the chakra point. Use right hand and rub on clockwise. You may also take a breath in of the oil.
  3. Hit sound chime lightly and pass by each ear, about 2 to 3 inches out from ears. Also use around the body; feel what you need. You will intuitively know where you need it, and when you are finished.
  4. Then, place down next to the Chakra. If the chime doesn’t sound clear, this means the energy center is blocked. Keep playing until you get a clear, smooth sound.