Signature Collection Box Set

Signature Collection Box Set

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The Signature Collection includes five full-sized bottles (½ oz) of our most exclusive essential oils in a beautiful paper box. These essential oils are organically, ethically and sustainably harvested and distilled by artisans across the globe.

Frankincense Papyrifera Essential Oil:

With notes of citrus with a predominance of soft orange notes, this oil is distilled for Floracopeia from the gum resins of frankincense trees wild-harvested in the arid, mountainous regions of Ethiopia. These resins have played an important role in ceremony and ritual since ancient times, and the oil has the unique properties of being both enlivening and relaxing to the mind and emotions. Commonly used as a spiritual tool in ritual, prayer or meditation, frankincense can properly be said to belong to the “sacred scents”.

Jatamansi Essential Oil:

This dark green jatamansi oil, also known as Himalayan spikenard, is distilled from sustainably harvested roots gathered from community forests in Nepal. Having a strong fragrance of moist earth, like the high-altitude forest floor where it is found, jatamansi oil is among the most revered of all herbal remedies and can be considered the supreme oil for relaxation, rest and rejuvenation. Jatamansi oil supports a calm mind and balanced body, aids in relieving worry or other overly active mental habits and promotes sleep. This is one essential oil every family should keep in their home.

Palo Santo Essential Oil:

Ethically wildcrafted from aged, dead wood gathered from the dry tropical forest on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, this oil is distilled by a small community dedicated to sustainability and to the reforestation of this precious tree. The Palo Santo, or “sacred wood” tree, from which the oil is derived has an ancient ethnobotanical history and has long been utilized by indigenous cultures for its purifying powers. Today, the oil is also recognized for its constellation of therapeutic properties, which include its ability to uplift the mood, to strengthen vitality and to aid in protection for mind and body. Often used in shamanic ritual, it is a valuable tool for meditation, for enhancing creativity and for tasks requiring sustained concentration.

Tulsi Essential Oil:

This powerful basil oil has been used for centuries and is cherished for its protective and uplifting nature. Tulsi, meaning “the incomparable one”, is thought to embody a purifying radiance that refines body, mind and spirit. Tulsi brilliantly boosts vitality and can be used daily to maintain resilient health. Reminiscent of freshly cut basil, Tulsi’s unique fragrance qualities are spicy, sweet and herbaceous-minty, with a pronounced warm, clove-like accent. Its effects are warming, clarifying and uplifting and will promote vitality for the whole family.

Wild Lavender Essential Oil:

Extremely rare and special, this lavender oil is distilled from the hand-harvested flowers of high altitude wild lavender growing in the mountains of Provence. Plants from approximately 8,000 acres of land yield only ten kilograms of oil, making this a true aromatic treasure. Lavender oil’s cooling, relaxing and uplifting effects have been cherished throughout the world for thousands of years. Revered in particular in folk traditions for its profound ability to cool an overheated body, when used regularly it reduces feelings of anger, agitation and insecurity. Infused by its natural environment, this exquisite and refined variety blends spice notes and pungency for a more complex and intense aroma.

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