A New Day

What I see that has come forth in this last episode of shootings is that the white supremacist movement has put every race, religion and gender all in the same boat. We are all targets. We have the opportunity to bring all of us together as one people, to never be divided again. We are asked to couch up ALL of our hatred.

Behind all hatred is the yearning for love and acceptance. This is the beginning of the peace and survival of our species and our planet if we chose to stand together in this light. I also find it interesting that the universe really has asked us to look again at how we see people. Do we have any bias ourselves, even if we think we don’t?

If so, we need to change these thoughts once and for all. This needs to be examined down to our very core.  Let’s say we judge someone because they are fat.  We choose not to spend time with them because we say to ourselves this is not me. This person may be beautiful inside, they could even become our best friend but we don’t allow ourselves to go far enough to see.

So we are called to drop these walls of judgments once and for all. We are asked to dig down to find our fundamental truths. What we want individually and collectively. We are responsible. Do we want to change our world to become inclusive and not exclusive any more? Do we choose to work together as one people? We have to make the right choices here. There is no room for error.  We are given the opportunity now by the universe to change our direction. It’s a warning we have to break down to come to! How far we fall is totally up to us. Our lives and our freedom depend on all of us to stand together.

United as one people. For the people, by the people, of the people!
A new day is waiting to become.
Let’s do this!

Holding Love and Light,

"Judgment is a man-made thing designed by the ego to feel better about ourselves."