About The Joy Experience

What is The J.O.Y. Experience?

J.O.Y. is a place inside of you that holds the light of all that is. It is the place that carries your dreams and births your truth. 

J.O.Y. is the Journey of You.

We believe that J.O.Y. is found through unveiling the true essence of your individual spirit. This encourages the personality to bring forth what the soul has come to express and experience.

Through this process, you begin uniting with the universal source of divine consciousness, leading you to a life of J.O.Y.

The J.O.Y. Experience is a comprehensive platform where you can access products, services and information related to finding your inner truth, balance, and healing.

To learn more about The J.O.Y. Experience, visit www.joyjourneyofyou.com

The Call of the Day, by Jodi Hershey

The Call Of The Day, by Jodi Hershey, shares these truths and tells the story of how Jodi herself used these concepts to get through the turmoil in her own life.

On another scale, it was written to share how imperative it is in this unique time we're living in to find, be, and live your truth.

It is up to us individually and collectively to shape our future. The Call of the Day book and workbook will help you learn how to stay clear and grounded.