Blog Post # 1 The 7 Chakras and Affirmations

Chakras – 7 Primary

Use affirmations when focusing on a particular chakra as your opening and closing of your meditation.
It could be as easy as just saying each one 3 times when you start your day- Can use for the seven days of the week. This way you start your day with intention. You can use your sound bell and the oil that go with it.

1. Chakra 1 – Root – Location -Base of Spine- Color Red
I am safe and protected by Mother Earth. She is providing me with energy, inner strength and courage. I am filled with stability and vitality to go out into the world today and know I am at my best. The warm red color of the earth will keep me grounded.

2. Chakra 3- Sacral -Location – Below Belly Button -Color Orange
The soothing gentleness of water is filling me with positive thoughts. The deliciousness of "orange" is bringing me joy and inspiration today. I am loving who I am.

3. Chakra 3 – Location-Navel – Color-Yellow
The "Yellow" sun is filling me with self-Knowledge and I am clear on who I am today. My thoughts and actions are filled with light and right intention. I am empowered by the element of fire.

4. Chakra 4- Location Heart- Color- Green or Pink
Affirmation: I will breathe in all the fresh air today.It will fill me with balance and love. I will let in the "Green" of nature and embrace all the love it possesses, filling my heart with the "pink" color of love. I am compassionate today and I am at peace with all that is.

5. Chakra 5 – Location-Throat-Color Blue
Affirmation: My voice has been opened today by the color "blue". I have all the space in the world to stand clearly in my truth. I will share my voice and knowledge today with an other human being.

6. Chakra 6- Location- Third Eye- Color Indigo
Affirmation: The "indigo" light that flows through me to hear the wisdom of spirit. It guides me through my intution. I will listen intently today.

7. Chakra- 7- Location – Crown- Color White -Violet
Affirmation: The inspiration of "white and violet" energies is flowing through me, bringing enlightened self-awareness. I am uplifted by the sky and feel the vast creativity it is offering me.