Blog Post #2 – The Breathe and Meditative State

The breathe is a very important element to become aware of. Using breathe work is helpful in a stressful situation. It can calm you down and bring you back to center. Just go in and follow your breathe only, and release your thoughts. You will feel yourself calm down. You will find it is a remarkable tool. The breathe is what you focus on to go inward to relax yourself and to go into a meditative state. It helps to focus on the breathe instead of your inner dialog. As you breathe you breathe in the inner knowing of peace and calmness and breathe out all of our non useful thoughts. We breathe and let go. We keep doing this until we come to stillness. As we get to our stillness we can begin to access our spirit and our higher self, which is connected to the energy of all that is. We sit or lie quietly and wait for what ever it is we are suppose to see in our minds eye or feel. There is no thought or judgement just watching and feeling as one let’s whatever it is move through you. If you start to go into ego thought go back to following your breathe. You will know when you are done and ready to come out to a calmer and more peaceful you.