Chakra Meditation

This is a specific Chakra Meditation and not for all Chakras at one time. Each

Chakra has its own context individually, as well as its contribution to the whole.

I am starting this with your Root Chakra because almost every issue starts with

survival, safety and our place in the world. This is one we could do every morning

to stay grounded throughout our day.

Root Chakra – 1st Chakra

Color Red: This Chakra provides grounding, stability, stamina, motivation, self-

confidence, purpose, passion and excitement.

1st Chakra physically relates to legs, feet, base of spine, bones,and kidneys.

If Root Chakra is imbalanced, you may experience or develop these symptoms:

Instability, insecurity, weight loss/gain, constipation, arthritis, spinal tension and

knee problems.


You may want to purchase these items to enhance this meditation. Some are

available at

1. Sage smudge stick or aromatherapy spray for cleansing your aura

2. Root Chakra Aromatherapy Oil

3. A Root Chakra Chime which is tuned to the Root Charka frequency

4. A Root Chakra Stone – You can pick any of these:  Red Jasper, Bloodstone or others provided at the end

or others provided at the end of this article.

To start our Meditation, let's prepare and clear your space.

Let's begin: Burn your sage smudge stick or use a cleansing sage smudge spray to

clear your space and the energy around your body. Then, take out your Root

Chakra Oil and put a few drops in your hands, rub your hands together, lift it to

your face and breathe in. If you have a Root Chakra Chime, you can sound that

softly now (3) times. If you would like to use a Root Chakra Stone, I would buy flat

stones if placing on your body. Pick one that feels the best to you.

Put on some healing music with no words, just sound. Pick something that you

resonate with. This helps you relax and it nurtures you as you go into discovery.

Lie down in a comfortable place. Close your eyes and slowly take (3) deep

breaths, in and out.

Begin Your Breath Work:

Breathe in visualizing the figure 8. Start at the top of your chest, go across right to

left. Then, circle around under the breast, then around the stomach and then

back up and around. Do this (8) times.

Next, visualize the Star of David. It is two triangles overlapping each other with

the points going in opposite directions. This symbolizes as above (in heaven),

so below (on earth). We are tying the energies into each other. This helps you

to stay grounded and at the same time asking to receive higher information.

Start to let go of all other thoughts. Every time a distracting thought starts to

come into your head, say to yourself the word "PEACE", you can even sing it in

your head, whatever will stop the chatter. This will halt the thought and bring

you back to quieting your mind.

Keep breathing as your mind quiets down. Ask your intuition or higher-self to

guide you through this process and show you the message to heal this particular

area/issue that is bothering you.

Call in your Healing Angels and ask them to help you see what you need to know.

You may not feel them, but that doesn't mean that they are not there. You just

may not have discovered them yet. Call them in any way, they will come. They

don't have to be recognized, but they like it when they are acknowledged.

Begin your mental scan with your feet, up to your tail bone and then the pubic

area. Anywhere there is a pain, breath red energy into that specific area. Rub

a small amount of your Root Chakra Aromatherapy Oil softly in a clockwise

circular motion on that spot. Ask your intuition what is it that this pain is showing

you to work on in order to unblock this Chakra. Lay quietly for a few minutes.

See what comes through. It may be a word, a picture or story – just be open to

listening, feeling and seeing pictures in your minds eye. If you don't hear, feel or

see anything, it's ok. Just stay open as an answer may come later that day or in a

few days. Just be aware of what you asked and look deeper for the message.

After when you feel you are done, slowly come out of your mind's eye and back

into your body. Then breath in the Root Chakra Aromatherapy Oil and say your

Root Chakra Affirmation:

I am safe and protected by Mother Earth. She is providing me with energy, inner

strength and courage. I am filled with stability and vitality to go out into the

world today and know I am at my best. The warm red color of the earth will

keep me grounded.

Then, visually have your Healing Angels bath your body in red beautiful flowing

light. Thank them for being there. You may use your Chakra Chime softly now (3)

times to close.

Close your Meditation with these words:

I will stay open to hear or see the messages brought to me today and the days to

come. I will continually check in with my Root Chakra. I send love and gratitude

to my Healing Angels for what is being shown to me.

Take one more breath in of the Chakra Oil, then say to yourself:

My intention is to heal and open my Root Chakra. I will continue to send healing, flowing light to

my Root Chakra, so that it is opened to be in alignment with the rest of my



You can wear the color representing the Chakra you are working on to strengthen

and reinforce the energy of that particular problem. You can wear it in a scarf,

blouse, shirt, necklace, bracelet, rings, etc.

You can repeat this Mediation process with the other Chakras, as needed.

In my book – The Call of the Day – you can find the other Chakra Affirmations. If

you wish to use the Chakra Chimes and oils, you can find all of this on my website:

Here are some stones that you can use in this meditations for each particular


Root – Here are a few more: Hematite, Tigers Eyes, Ruby or Garnet

Navel – Yellow Amber

Heart – Emerald, Malachite or Rose Quartz

Throat – Turquoise or Blue Topaz

Third Eye – Lapis or Sapphire

Crown – Amethyst, Diamond or Quart Crystal


Jodi Hershey