Sacred Spaces

I believe that our home is our personal sacred place. It is where we go for refuge from the outside world. It is a place of love, security, rest, laughter, nurturing and contemplation. It is where we spend the majority of our time, so it is important how we decorate our home. It’s not just throwing in some furniture. It should reflect the essence of ones self and the essence of your family unit. Each room should have the elements of things that have meaning to you, your partner and/or children. Things that bring joy and love into the being of your home.

Your home is a reflection of who you are. When you go into some ones home you can see and feel this. So what are you expressing and what tone do you want to set or bring in? Always add something in that reminds you of staying in the positive and brings you back to the true meaning of life.

Colors are also so important. They help create moods. I painted my house inside in a canary yellow and whites and that really brought so much joy in. I didn’t know it at the time but it was my 3rd chakra expressing itself. There are charts online that can give you color meanings. You can also use your own personal favorite like I did and then you realize what it is you actually needed at that time. Funny what happens when you are not even paying attention to the deeper meaning of things.

We all need to have a quiet place in our home to be able to do meditation or just quiet contemplation. It could be a small room in your house or a place outside in your yard. I have wind chimes outside my bedroom window that bring beautiful sounds in. If you don’t have a space try and make a corner with a sitting chair with a table and little alter. An alter does not have to be religious, it can just have things that are special and meaningful to you. Pictures, a stone you found on a beach, crystals, an angel, etc. Symbols that bring you back to your truth, your essence.
When you come home from your day it needs to say, “Ahh… I am so glad to be here”. It should recharge your battery. 

See our product pages for ideas or you may find something that you would want to add to your home space.

I also highly recommend if nothing else, to cleanse your space and yourself daily to cleanse unwanted energy. You can use the sage and cedar mist or burn sage. I have the sage in the tripod stand and a mist.

Take time out to get quite and reflect on what you want your space to feel like. Then go for it!