Using Stones and 8 Crystal Must Haves

How to Use Stones:

When working with crystals you are working with their energy and frequency. All stones come from different backgrounds, much like us. They have a story to tell. See which one you are drawn to. There are no mistakes.

Start by holding them in your hand and, with eyes closed, go into a quiet state. Focus on just the stone and how it feels in your hand. Become a partner with its energy. You may feel a tingling sensation in your hands. Take a few deep breaths and ask the crystal to share its information with you. You can feel their frequency. Are they soft spoken, busy as bees, just watch in your minds eye what they do. Be the observer. You don't need to participate, you just need to be open. Use your intuitive mind to watch and feel. When you have had enough or are done with the information always thank them for sharing with you. Once you tune in with your stone, you can go back to them to talk or ask questions. They become your friend and are there to assist. If you don't like the energy of the stone put it back and find the right one for you.

Eight Stones to Start With:

1. Rose Quartz:

Self love. It's gentle, kind, soothing and nurturing.  Unites with the Divine. Keep one by your bed.

2. Clear Crystal Quartz:

Master healer. It amplifies any energy, thought or intention. It also has the ability to amplify other stones. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. This stone stores energy, so cleanse if it has been around negative energy. Most powerful of all stones.

3. Hematite:

Protects against negative energy.

4. Black Tourmaline:

Transforms negative energy.

5. Turquoise:

Serenity, emotional balance, wisdom and wholeness. Enhances creativity and spiritual knowledge. It's a HAPPY stone.

6. Amethyst:

Spreads spiritual light around you. Brings forth intuition. Brings forth wisdom. Great stone to meditate with. Brings calmness and peace. Promotes balance. Spiritual protection.

7. Selenite:

Calms and helps nervousness. I use it to clear all blocked energy. Can lift one's awareness. Helps with headaches, stiffness and swelling. Master clearer.

8. Smoky quartz:

Good for grounding self and manifestation of ones dreams. Helps one to do something practical with spiritual information.

Much Love,