Healing Crystal Gemstone Ball with Box - Obsidian

Healing Crystal Gemstone Ball with Box - Obsidian

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Healing Crystal Gemstone Ball | 5cm Natural Gemstone Ball Sphere with Wooden Box |  Energy Ball Home decoration, Meditation, Relaxation Gifts

Size for crystal is approximately 5 cm; Box Dimensions: 11.5cm*11.5cm*6.8cm. Material: Natural Gemstone; Quantity:1 PC; Weight is approximately 320 grams (Including box)

Sphere-shaped Gemstone Ball fits perfectly in your hands, making them great for meditation, massage, self-reflection, or as a good luck charm. perfect for Feng Shui or simply for home decor display purposes.
Experience the magic and natural beauty of natural crystals in your home.

Spheres send energy in all directions.