Morning Ritual Tool Box

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Morning Ritual Tool Box Included in Tool Box: 

- Clear Quartz - Is all about spiritual growth. Recharges your physical, emotional and spiritual self. A master healer for all areas of one's being. Supports the entire energetic system. Used in meditation as it brings great clarity. The #1 crystal for everyone. 
- California White Sage Oil 
- Root Chime 
- Crown Chime 
- I  AM Powerdeck 
- Inside Out Book 


How to Practice your Morning Ritual

I start my morning with Deep Breathing

Breathe in letting your stomach expand out.
Exhale pulling your stomach in
(Do this 3x's or as many as needed)

Then I grab my crystal and close my eyes and feel the energy from my crystal and feel it's vibration.

Then I sound the om sound
Do 3x's or as much as needed.

Feel the vibration going through your body and down to your feet.
This is a wonderful way to say good morning to your body.

Then I read a page from the book Inside - Out By Dadi Janki.
(This is my go to book as to me she was one of the most enlightened souls on this planet).

I take a moment and close my eyes to process what I read and feel the powerful information.

It elevates our thought process.

I then take out the chimes (the root - note C And the Crown - note B)

How to use your Chimes:

Sound the root chime by lightly tapping your chime and hold to your ears about 3 inches from head. Then chime again bringing it over your head and down to your feet and around your body. (Continue to keep it about 2 to 3 inches from the body)
Then to your feet and up to the crown.

Then do the same with your Crown Chakra chime, except on the last chime bring it from your crown down into the root. What this does is ground you firmly into the ground and then brings the light from above into the body.
Then set your chimes aside -

From the I AM cards pull a card for yourself.

Put on an aromatherapy oil and or spray your sage mist.