Turquoise Magnesite and Howlite Mala

Turquoise Magnesite and Howlite Mala

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The Turquoise Magnesite & Howlite Mala features 8mm turquoise magnesite & howlite beads, silver accent pieces, and a stunning lotus pendant all on stretch cording.


Turquoise is a soft blue and green toned stone with a history that dates back nearly 7,500 years. The magnesite stone found within this mala forms within rocks that are rich in magnesium or carbonate. It occurs in a variety of colors and contains the same natural veining found in Turquoise.


Magnesite: Creates a sense of serenity and peace. This stone stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and promotes great breakthroughs through focused visualization.

Howlite: This calming stone assists in removing anger, stress & agony. It works together with magnesite to improve awareness. It has also been known to assist with physical healing of the teeth, bones & even soft tissue.

Each mala is unique; size, color, and shape will vary.